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Tom Yeh  committed 2759f79

used the inner region to test image target search in the multiscreen example code

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File examples/src/main/java/org/sikuli/api/examples/MultiScreenExample.java

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 	public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException  {
 		Mouse mouse = new DesktopMouse();
-		// iterate through each screen
+		// iterate through each screen, the mouse cursor will traverse along the edges
+		// of a rectangle centered on each screen clockwise, and then clicks on the dog image
 		int numOfScreens = DesktopScreen.getNumberScreens();
 		for (int screenId = 0; screenId < numOfScreens; screenId++){
 			// find the dog and click on it
-			ScreenRegion dog = screenRegion.find(new ImageTarget(Images.Dog));
+			ScreenRegion dog = innerRegion.find(new ImageTarget(Images.Dog));