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# AstroSearch

Executables to allow me to access the Twitter Streaming API and
look for a search term. At present there's nothing Astronomy specific 
in the code, apart from perhaps the implicit assumption that the 
search term you give isn't going to result in a *large* return rate,
or end up with a particularly large number of stored Tweets.

## Building

The file oauth needs to be set up with a line containing the key and
secret that you get by registering your application with Twitter. This
is used to fill-in the fields in the file during the
configure stage (very clunky).

You need my hacked version of the twitter-enumerator package;

should work. See

for more details.

## Basics

 1 - Start the server

    % ./astroserver 8080
    Starting server on port: 8080

 2 - Start the search

    % ./astrosearch 8080 aas219
    Port: 8080
    Search term: aas219
  and then you will see a stream of <username>: <message> printed to
  the screen.

  The data is being stored to disk in the ./tweetstore/ directory.

 3 - a quick look at the database

    % ./astroquery 8080 size
    Number of tweets:    38
    Number of re-tweets: 11
    Number of deletes:   0

  and a dump of the last n tweets and n re-tweets

    % ./astroquery 8080 dump n

  although the output leaves a lot to be desired.

 4 - get avatar/profile images

 This could have been included in the search process but for now a
 separate step.

    % ./avatars 8080


There is no warranty with this software. It may do stupid things, like
crash your computer or fill your hard drive.