Split out language literals and datatype literals in RDFLabel

Issue #11 resolved
Doug Burke
repo owner created an issue

RDFLabel currently has

 Lit T.Text (Maybe ScopedNam)

which should be split into something like

Literal T.Text LangLiteral T.Text ScopedName TypedLiteral T.Text ScopedName

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  1. Doug Burke reporter

    An initial attempt at this change has been made in 3275871f11a34f455d54c2aa4009883c5a706128 and with an update in 9d6a4ed6835c to introduce a separate type for language codes.

    It may make more sense to have RDFLabel just have a Lit constructor that accepts a Literal type, with something like

    data Literal = PlainLit Text (Maybe LanguageCode) | TypedLit Text ScopedName

    but for now go with the current approach.

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