Recommended way of making blank nodes?

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pdxleif created an issue

I've done

Blank $ (showHex  abs  hash) (some unique-ish bit of data about the resource) ""

using Data.Hashable to make some hex ids. I noticed in the n-triple output, all those got re-written as _:swish{1..n}. Which is fine; just wondering why I bothered making unique ids, and is there some shortcut to that?

Actually; is there a user group / mailing list / etc that would be good for these sorts of questions? Twitter?

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  1. Doug Burke repo owner

    Sorry for the delay; I'm at home with the family this week. I how to have some time next week for Swish (since I want to use it and 4store to do some simple twitter analysis on an astronomy conference the following week)

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