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Doug Burke
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Swish needs profiling; I have a N3 file which cwm can read in and display in about 4 seconds whilst Swish takes over a minute.

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  1. Doug Burke reporter

    As an example, grab and and try (access to HTTP URIs directly from Swish will happen at some point)

    > Swish -i=test-15.ttl
    > Swish -i=test-15.out
    > Swish -i=test-15.ttl -c=test-15.out

    where the last line is just to check the two files encode the same information. On my laptop test-15.ttl takes about 1 minute 40s, test-15.out takes less than 2s, and the comparison takes quite a bit of time. cwm reads tst-15.ttl in less than 6 seconds.

  2. Doug Burke reporter

    Versions and greatly improve the input and output speeds of Swish for these files (respectively). The comparison check is still slow.

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