swish / CHANGES

0.2.1 to

  - Renamed module hierarchy from




  - removed modules, either because un-needed or replaced
    by other libraries:

    *) replaced with Data.Traversable instances


    *) replaced with routines from Network.URI


    *) copy of a Parsec module


    *) Replaced with Data.List.sort as only used the 
       stableQuickSort routine


    *) Replaced use with simple parsec parser


    *) Replaced with 'Either String'


    *) Un-needed 


  - removed Either String instance from ErrorM

  - should now compile with mtl-2

  - added upper and lower bounds to package dependencies

  - a number of Test executables have been removed, either
    because of a removed module or missing data files.

  - updated Haddock documentation to build

  - added the following flags

      tests   - compile tests or not?
      hpc     - compile tests with -hpc?

  - support for the NTriples format has been added (e.g. the -nt
    flag in Swish)

  - the N3 parser and formatter have been re-written to better
    match the latest specification. Some previously valid N3 files
    will likely no-linger parse since support for constructs like
    'this' and ':-' have been removed.

    The N3 parser does not handle @forAll statements and ignores any
    @forSome statements. It is also slower than the original parser.

    The formatter has been updated to make better use of the '[]', 
    '()' and '{}' syntactic short cuts.

    Strings containing "unexpected" escape combinations - such as \a -
    may not be handled correctluy.

  - change in behavior of Swish command-line tool when given
    invalid arguments as it now errors out if given an invalid
    argument before processing any input.


  - need to remove the use of :- in N3Formatter; should probably aim to
    create turtle-compatible output where possible, with flags to control
    the use of existential statements (@forSome), a la cwm

  - I plan to move to using Text rather than String, which will mean
    changing from Parsec to attoparsec-text (probably).
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