This is my playground for messing around with the Haskell Swish library, based on the version from Hackage.


  • Get it to build with the Haskell Platform, as the current version on Hackage has issues due to the move to mtl version 2. Done (at present development is with ghc6.12.3 although it builds on hackage with 7.2.1).
  • Update to the latest N3 specification. Done although @forAll is not supported and @forSome is ignored.
  • Add Turtle, NTriples, RDF/XML, TriG or other named-graph format, a JSON format. Done for NTriples and Turtle.
  • Clean up the code base somewhat, since some the functionality of some of the supporting code is now available via other modules - e.g. the FunctorM module can be replaced by Data.Traversable and the URI handling is now available in Network.URI. Done but more can be done.


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