What is this?

A simple HipChat add-on that can be used as a testing tool for HipChat. The add-on sends messages into a room as a notification with certain commands.

Usage: In general use /ping for mentions and ping for pongs

/pingbot print this help message
/ping me sends message with @{your mention name}
/ping {string} sends message with @{string}
/ping {string} in N sends message with @{string} in N seconds
/ping {string} N times sends message with @{string} N times
ping sends 'pong' message
ping N sends 'pong' message N times

Other information about the add-on

I started with the ac-koa-hipchat-vagrant template for this add-on. It's written in JS and is currently running on heroku at

How do I get it?

Click and select the room where you want to use Pingbot