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+SGPA - Sistema Gerenciador de Projetos Ageis
-A project template for Django 1.5.
+TODO: Utilizar Markdown
-To use this project follow these steps:
+Instalação de dependências
-#. Create your working environment
-#. Install Django
-#. Create the new project using the django-two-scoops template
-#. Install additional dependencies
-#. Use the Django admin to create the project
+Dependendo de onde você estiver instalando as dependências:
-*note: these instructions show creation of a project called "icecream".  You
-should replace this name with the actual name of your project.*
+Em desenvolvimento::
-Working Environment
+    $ pip install -r requirements/local.pykgs
-You have several options in setting up your working environment.  We recommend
-using virtualenv to seperate the dependencies of your project from your system's
-python environment.  If on Linux or Mac OS X, you can also use virtualenvwrapper to help manage multiple virtualenvs across different projects.
-Virtualenv Only
-First, make sure you are using virtualenv (http://www.virtualenv.org). Once
-that's installed, create your virtualenv::
-    $ virtualenv --distribute icecream
-You will also need to ensure that the virtualenv has the project directory
-added to the path. Adding the project directory will allow `django-admin.py` to
-be able to change settings using the `--settings` flag.
-Virtualenv with virtualenvwrapper
-In Linux and Mac OSX, you can install virtualenvwrapper (http://virtualenvwrapper.readthedocs.org/en/latest/),
-which will take care of managing your virtual environments and adding the
-project path to the `site-directory` for you::
-    $ mkdir icecream
-    $ mkvirtualenv -a icecream icecream-dev
-    $ cd icecream && add2virtualenv `pwd`
-In Windows, or if you're not comfortable using the command line, you will need
-to add a `.pth` file to the `site-packages` of your virtualenv. If you have
-been following the book's example for the virtualenv directory (pg. 12), then
-you will need to add a python pathfile named `_virtualenv_path_extensions.pth`
-to the `site-packages`. If you have been following the book, then your
-virtualenv folder will be something like::
-In the pathfile, you will want to include the following code (from
-    import sys; sys.__plen = len(sys.path)
-    /home/<youruser>/icecream/icecream/
-    import sys; new=sys.path[sys.__plen:]; del sys.path[sys.__plen:]; p=getattr(sys,'__egginsert',0); sys.path[p:p]=new; sys.__egginsert = p+len(new)
-Installing Django
-To install Django in the new virtual environment, run the following command::
-    $ pip install django
-Creating your project
-To create a new Django project called '**icecream**' using
-django-twoscoops-project, run the following command::
-    $ django-admin.py startproject --template=https://github.com/twoscoops/django-twoscoops-project/zipball/master --extension=py,rst,html icecream
-Installation of Dependencies
-Depending on where you are installing dependencies:
-In development::
-    $ pip install -r requirements/local.txt
-For production::
+Em produção::
     $ pip install -r requirements.txt
-*note: We install production requirements this way because many Platforms as a
-Services expect a requirements.txt file in the root of projects.*
+*nota 1: Nós instalamos as dependências de produção dessa forma porque várias plataformas como serviço (PaaS) esperam um 
+um arquivo requirements.txt na raiz dos projetos.*
+*nota 2: As extensões .pykgs são utilizadas apenas pra associar à extensão INI do SublimeText, ficando com highlight.*
-    - Many thanks to Randall Degges for the inspiration to write the book and django-skel.
-    - All of the contributors_ to this project.
+    - PyDanny
+    - Audrey Roy
-.. _contributors: https://github.com/twoscoops/django-twoscoops-project/blob/master/CONTRIBUTORS.txt
+.. _colaboradores do template usado: https://bitbucket.org/douglas/sgpa/raw/18d99ad43b9f6b72ac7cd7dcef8ab5610db6b50e/CONTRIBUTORS.txt