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Add note about the use of Fabric for deplpyment and management activities.

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-.. Deployment-section:
+.. DeploymentAndManagement-section:
+Deployment and Management
-This section describes deployment of RandoPony-tetra on Webfaction.
+This section describes deployment and management of RandoPony-tetra on the
+:kbd:`` domain hosted on Webfaction.
 .. note::
    this document describes deployment in a Python 2.7, Pyramid 1.4 environment
    created from the control panel.
+Most of the deployment and management activities described in this section
+have been implemented as Fabric_ tasks,
+Fabric_ needs to be installed in the local virtualenv from which ou are working,
+and you ned to have ssh key authentication working on Webfaction.
+.. _Fabric: