SOG Run & Code Development Environment

Author: Doug Latornell <djl@douglatornell.ca>
License:Apache License, Version 2.0

This is the root repository for running the SOG coupled physics-biogeochemical model for deep estuaries, and for doing development work on the model.

SOG is maintained in a set of Mercurial distributed version control repositories. The central, reference copies of those repositories are stored in :file:`/ocean/sallen/hg_repos/`

This repository contains 2 components of the SOG project:

SOG Command Processor

The SOG command processor, :command:`SOG`, is a command line tool for doing various operations associated with the SOG model.

Use :command:`SOG help` to get a list of the commands available for doing things with and related to SOG. Use :command:`SOG help <command>` to get a synopsis of what a command does, what its required arguments are, and what options are available to control the command.

Documentation for the command processor is in :file:`docs/SOGcommand.rst` and is rendered at http://www.eos.ubc.ca/~sallen/SOG-docs/SOGcommand.html.


Documentation on how to set up a fresh SOG environment, including how to install the SOG command processor, are in :file:`docs/quickstart.rst` and are rendered at http://eos.ubc.ca/~sallen/SOG-docs/quickstart.html.

Source Code and Issue Tracker

Code repository:

Source browser: http://bjossa.eos.ubc.ca:9000/SOG/browser/SOG (login required)

Issue tracker: http://bjossa.eos.ubc.ca:9000/SOG/report (login required)


The SOG command processor code and the SOG documentation are copyright 2010-2014 by Doug Latornell and The University of British Columbia.

They are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 Please see the LICENSE and NOTICE files for details of the license, and how to cite the SOG project.