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- use easy to recognize names for backref events [ticket:2066]

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 def backref_listeners(attribute, key, uselist):
     """Apply listeners to synchronize a two-way relationship."""
-    def set_(state, child, oldchild, initiator):
+    # use easily recognizable names for stack traces
+    def emit_backref_from_scalar_set_event(state, child, oldchild, initiator):
         if oldchild is child:
             return child
         return child
-    def append(state, child, initiator):
+    def emit_backref_from_collection_append_event(state, child, initiator):
         child_state, child_dict = instance_state(child), \
         return child
-    def remove(state, child, initiator):
+    def emit_backref_from_collection_remove_event(state, child, initiator):
         if child is not None:
             child_state, child_dict = instance_state(child),\
     if uselist:
-        event.listen(attribute, "append", append, retval=True, raw=True)
+        event.listen(attribute, "append", 
+                    emit_backref_from_collection_append_event, 
+                    retval=True, raw=True)
-        event.listen(attribute, "set", set_, retval=True, raw=True)
+        event.listen(attribute, "set", 
+                    emit_backref_from_scalar_set_event, 
+                    retval=True, raw=True)
     # TODO: need coverage in test/orm/ of remove event
-    event.listen(attribute, "remove", remove, retval=True, raw=True)
+    event.listen(attribute, "remove", 
+                    emit_backref_from_collection_remove_event, 
+                    retval=True, raw=True)
 class History(tuple):
     """A 3-tuple of added, unchanged and deleted values,
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