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Duh. Should have been in r4578.

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+# - ORM exceptions
+# Copyright (C) the SQLAlchemy authors and contributors
+# This module is part of SQLAlchemy and is released under
+# the MIT License:
+"""SQLAlchemy ORM exceptions."""
+import sqlalchemy.exceptions as sa_exc
+class ConcurrentModificationError(sa_exc.SQLAlchemyError):
+    """Rows have been modified outside of the unit of work."""
+class FlushError(sa_exc.SQLAlchemyError):
+    """A invalid condition was detected during flush()."""
+class ObjectDeletedError(sa_exc.InvalidRequestError):
+    """An refresh() operation failed to re-retrieve an object's row."""
+class UnmappedColumnError(sa_exc.InvalidRequestError):
+    """Mapping operation was requested on an unknown column."""
+# Legacy compat until 0.6.
+sa_exc.ConcurrentModificationError = ConcurrentModificationError
+sa_exc.FlushError = FlushError
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