Mike Bayer committed 570b392

0.6.0 prep

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 - orm
   - Unit of work internals have been rewritten.  Units of work
     with large numbers of objects interdependent objects 
     work to be done, filtered through a single topological sort 
     for correct ordering.  Flush actions are assembled using 
     far fewer steps and less memory. [ticket:1742]
   - one-to-many relationships now maintain a list of positive
     parent-child associations within the flush, preventing
     previous parents marked as deleted from cascading a 
     delete or NULL foreign key set on those child objects,
     despite the end-user not removing the child from the old
     association. [ticket:1764]
-- orm
   - A collection lazy load will switch off default 
     eagerloading on the reverse many-to-one side, since 
     that loading is by definition unnecessary.  [ticket:1495]


 __all__ = sorted(name for name, obj in locals().items()
                  if not (name.startswith('_') or inspect.ismodule(obj)))
-__version__ = '0.6uow_refactor'
+__version__ = '0.6.0'
 del inspect, sys


             if not sum_:
-            # I'd like to emit the before_delete/after_save actions
-            # here and have the unit of work not get confused by that
-            # when it alters the list of dependencies...
             if isdelete:
                 before_delete = unitofwork.ProcessState(uow, self, True, state)
                 if parent_in_cycles:
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