jason kirtland committed 571f19d

- Re-tuned call counts for 2.3 through 2.5.

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     def test_update(self):
-    @profiling.function_call_count(120, versions={'2.3': 180, '2.4':123})
+    @profiling.function_call_count(120, versions={'2.3': 153, '2.4':116})
     def test_select(self):
         s = select([t1], t1.c.c2==t2.c.c1)


+# Use with conditional_call_count() if VM state of a full-suite run
+# throws off profiling numbers.
 _run_type = 'suite'
 _running_in = lambda: _run_type
     __only_on__ = 'postgres'
     __skip_if__ = ((lambda: sys.version_info < (2, 4)), )
-    @profiling.conditional_call_count(
-        _running_in, {'isolation': (2038,),
-                      'suite': (1569, {'2.4': 1579}, 0.20)})
+    @profiling.function_call_count(2028)
     def test_1_create_tables(self):
         global metadata
         metadata = MetaData(testing.db)
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