Mike Bayer avatar Mike Bayer committed 77de22e

added __getattr__() proxy to TypeDecorator

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             tt.impl = typedesc
             self.impl_dict[dialect] = tt
             return tt
+    def __getattr__(self, key):
+        """proxy all other undefined accessors to the underlying implementation."""
+        return getattr(self.impl, key)
     def get_col_spec(self):
         return self.impl.get_col_spec()
     def convert_bind_param(self, value, dialect):


     def tearDownAll(self):
     def testbasic(self):
+        assert unicode_table.c.unicode_data.type.length == 250
         rawdata = 'Alors vous imaginez ma surprise, au lever du jour, quand une dr\xc3\xb4le de petit voix m\xe2\x80\x99a r\xc3\xa9veill\xc3\xa9. Elle disait: \xc2\xab S\xe2\x80\x99il vous pla\xc3\xaet\xe2\x80\xa6 dessine-moi un mouton! \xc2\xbb\n'
         unicodedata = rawdata.decode('utf-8')
         unicode_table.insert().execute(unicode_data=unicodedata, plain_data=rawdata)
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