Mike Bayer committed f6acd58

fix to typing in clause construction which specifically helps
type issues with polymorphic_union (CAST/ColumnClause propigates
its type to proxy columns)

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 - added "synonym()" function, applied to properties to have a 
 propname the same as another, for the purposes of overriding props
 and allowing the original propname to be accessible in select_by().
+- fix to typing in clause construction which specifically helps
+type issues with polymorphic_union (CAST/ColumnClause propigates
+its type to proxy columns)
 - fixed endless loop bug in select_by(), if the traversal hit


     def _get_from_objects(self):
         return self.clause._get_from_objects()
+    def _make_proxy(self, selectable, name=None):
+        if name is not None:
+            co = ColumnClause(name, selectable, type=self.type)
+            co.orig_set = self.orig_set
+            selectable.columns[name]= co
+            return co
+        else:
+            return self
 class FunctionGenerator(object):
     """generates Function objects based on getattr calls"""
     def __init__(self, engine=None):
     def _bind_param(self, obj):
         return BindParamClause(self._label, obj, shortname =, type=self.type)
     def _make_proxy(self, selectable, name = None):
-        c = ColumnClause(name or, selectable, hidden=self.hidden)
+        c = ColumnClause(name or, selectable, hidden=self.hidden, type=self.type)
         c.orig_set = self.orig_set
         if not self.hidden:
             selectable.columns[] = c
             col = column._make_proxy(self, name=column._label)
             col = column._make_proxy(self,
             colset = self._col_map[]
         except KeyError:
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