Eli Bendersky committed 82ace14

bumping version to 2.09.1

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++ Version 2.09.1 (29.12.2012)
+  - No actual functionality changes.
+  - The source distribution was re-packaged to contain the pre-generated Lex and
+    Yacc tables of PLY.
 + Version 2.09 (27.12.2012)
   - The pycparser project has moved to Bitbucket. For this version, issue
-pycparser v2.09
+pycparser v2.09.1
 :Author: `Eli Bendersky <>`_


 # License: BSD
 __all__ = ['c_lexer', 'c_parser', 'c_ast']
-__version__ = '2.09'
+__version__ = '2.09.1'
 from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
 from .c_parser import CParser
         C compilers or analysis tools.
-    version='2.09',
+    version='2.09.1',
     author='Eli Bendersky',
     maintainer='Eli Bendersky',
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