MyOhData / entry.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" standalone="yes"?>
<entry xml:base="http://{{ netloc }}/" xmlns:d="" xmlns:m="" xmlns="">
  <id>http://{{ netloc }}/{{ meta['set'] }}({{ entry[meta['key']] }})</id>
  <title type="text">{{ entry[meta['title']] }}</title>
  <updated>{{ timestamp }}</updated>
  <link rel="self" title="{{ entry[meta['title']] }}" href="{{ meta['set'] }}({{ entry[meta['key']] }})" />
    <name />
  <category term="MyOhData.{{ meta['name'] }}" scheme="" />
  <content type="application/xml">
    {% for key, type, nullable in meta['properties'] %}
        <d:{{ key }} m:type="{{ type }}">{{ entry[key] }}</d:{{ key }}>
    {% endfor %}
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