django-authority / README


This is a Django app for per-object-permissions that includes a bunch of
helpers to create custom permission checks.

The main website for django-authority is `
<>`_. You can also install
the `in-development version <>`_ 
of django-authority with ``pip install django-authority==dev`` or ``easy_install django-authority==dev``.


To get the example project running do:

- Bootstrap the buildout by running::


- Get the required packages by running::


- Sync the database::

    bin/django-trunk syncdb

- Run the development server and visit the admin at

    bin/django-trunk runserver

Now create a flatage and open it to see some of the templatetags in action.
Don't hesitate to use the admin to edit the permission objects.

Full docs coming soon.

Please use for issues and bug reports.


The documenation is currently in development. You can create a nice looking
html version using the

    python build_sphinx
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