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This is a Django app for per-object-permissions that includes a bunch of helpers to create custom permission checks.

The main website for django-authority is packages.python.org/django-authority. You can also install the in-development version of django-authority with pip install django-authority==dev or easy_install django-authority==dev.


To get the example project running do:

  • Bootstrap the buildout by running:

    python bootstrap.py
  • Get the required packages by running:

  • Sync the database:

    bin/django-trunk syncdb
  • Run the development server and visit the admin at

    bin/django-trunk runserver

Now create a flatage and open it to see some of the templatetags in action. Don't hesitate to use the admin to edit the permission objects.

Full docs coming soon.

Please use http://bitbucket.org/jezdez/django-authority/issues/ for issues and bug reports.


The documenation is currently in development. You can create a nice looking html version using the setup.py:

python setup.py build_sphinx