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open Ocamlbuild_plugin
open Command (* no longer needed for OCaml >= 3.10.2 *)

(* these functions are not really officially exported *)
let run_and_read = Ocamlbuild_pack.My_unix.run_and_read
let blank_sep_strings = Ocamlbuild_pack.Lexers.blank_sep_strings

(* this lists all supported packages *)
let find_packages () =
  blank_sep_strings &
    Lexing.from_string &
      run_and_read "ocamlfind list | cut -d ' ' -f 1"

(* this is supposed to list available syntaxes, but I don't know how to do it. *)
let find_syntaxes () = ["camlp4o"; "camlp4r"]

(* ocamlfind command *)
let ocamlfind x = S[A"ocamlfind"; x]

let _ = dispatch begin function
   | Before_options ->
       (* by using Before_options one let command line options have an higher priority *)
       (* on the contrary using After_options will guarantee to have the higher priority *)

       (* override default commands by ocamlfind ones *)
       Options.ocamlc   := ocamlfind & A"ocamlc";
       Options.ocamlopt := ocamlfind & A"ocamlopt";
       Options.ocamldep := ocamlfind & A"ocamldep";
       Options.ocamldoc := ocamlfind & A"ocamldoc"

   | After_rules ->

       (* When one link an OCaml library/binary/package, one should use -linkpkg *)
       flag ["ocaml"; "link"] & A"-linkpkg";

       (* For each ocamlfind package one inject the -package option when
       	* compiling, computing dependencies, generating documentation and
       	* linking. *)
       List.iter begin fun pkg ->
         flag ["ocaml"; "compile";  "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
         flag ["ocaml"; "ocamldep"; "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
         flag ["ocaml"; "doc";      "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
         flag ["ocaml"; "link";     "pkg_"^pkg] & S[A"-package"; A pkg];
       end (find_packages ());

       (* Like -package but for extensions syntax. Morover -syntax is useless
       	* when linking. *)
       List.iter begin fun syntax ->
         flag ["ocaml"; "compile";  "syntax_"^syntax] & S[A"-syntax"; A syntax];
         flag ["ocaml"; "ocamldep"; "syntax_"^syntax] & S[A"-syntax"; A syntax];
         flag ["ocaml"; "doc";      "syntax_"^syntax] & S[A"-syntax"; A syntax];
       end (find_syntaxes ());
       (* The default "thread" tag is not compatible with ocamlfind.
          Indeed, the default rules add the "threads.cma" or "threads.cmxa"
          options when using this tag. When using the "-linkpkg" option with
          ocamlfind, this module will then be added twice on the command line.
          To solve this, one approach is to add the "-thread" option when using
          the "threads" package using the previous plugin.
       flag ["ocaml"; "pkg_threads"; "compile"] (S[A "-thread"]);
       flag ["ocaml"; "pkg_threads"; "link"] (S[A "-thread"])
   | _ -> ()