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broadcast to a service on all peers.

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 module Control.Distributed.Backend.P2P (
-    getPeers
+    getPeers,
+    nsendPeers
 ) where
 import           Control.Distributed.Process                as DP
 import qualified Control.Distributed.Process.Node           as DPN
 import qualified Control.Distributed.Process.Internal.Types as DPT
+import           Control.Distributed.Process.Serializable (Serializable)
 import           Network.Transport (EndPointAddress(..))
 import           Network.Transport.TCP (createTransport, defaultTCPParameters)
     QueryResult nodes <- receiveChan r
     return nodes
+-- | Broadcast a message to a specific service on all peers.
+nsendPeers :: Serializable a => String -> a -> Process ()
+nsendPeers service msg = getPeers >>= mapM_ (\peer -> nsendRemote peer service msg)
 -- | A set of p2p messages.
 data PeerMessage = PeerPing
                  | PeerExchange [DPT.ProcessId]
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