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export conversion functions

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     Value(..), TaggedValue, Tagged(..),
     -- ** Type conversion
-    ToEDN, FromEDN,
+    ToEDN, FromEDN, toEDN, fromEDN, fromEDNv,
     -- * Tag manipulation
     setTag, getTag, stripTag,
 ) where
 import Data.EDN.Types
-import Data.EDN.Types.Class (FromEDN, ToEDN)
+import Data.EDN.Types.Class (FromEDN, ToEDN, toEDN, fromEDN, fromEDNv)
 import Data.EDN.Encode (encode, fromValue, fromTagged)
 import Data.EDN.Parser (decode, parseValue, parseTagged)


 {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings, FlexibleInstances #-}
-module Data.EDN.Types.Class where
+module Data.EDN.Types.Class (
+    ToEDN, FromEDN, toEDN, fromEDN, fromEDNv
+) where
 import Control.Applicative (pure, (<$>))
 import qualified Data.Text as T
 import qualified Data.Set as S
 import qualified Data.Map as M
-import Data.Parser as P
+import qualified Data.Parser as P
 import qualified Data.EDN.Types as E
 class ToEDN a where
 instance FromEDN E.TaggedValue where
     parseEDN = pure
+-- | Convert a value from 'E.TaggedValue', failing if the types do not match.
+fromEDN :: FromEDN a => E.TaggedValue -> P.Result a
+fromEDN = P.parse parseEDN
+{-# INLINE fromEDN #-}
+-- | Convert a value from 'E.Value', failing if the types do not match.
+fromEDNv :: FromEDN a => E.Value -> P.Result a
+fromEDNv = P.parse parseEDNv
+{-# INLINE fromEDNv #-}
 -- | Fail parsing due to a type mismatch, with a descriptive message.
 typeMismatch :: String -- ^ The name of the type you are trying to parse.
              -> E.Value -- ^ The actual value encountered.
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