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Adapt to scotty 0.5

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 name:                raven-haskell-scotty
 synopsis:            Sentry http interface for Scotty web server.
 description:         Utilities to log errors in Scotty actions using raven-haskell.
     scotty, wai, case-insensitive,
     bytestring, text,
+  extensions: CPP


              | (h, v) <- requestHeaders r
+#if MIN_VERSION_scotty(0,5,0)
+    host <- maybe (TL.pack "") id `fmap` reqHeader (TL.pack "Host")
     host <- reqHeader (TL.pack "Host")
     let url = "http://" ++ TL.unpack host ++ BS.unpack (rawPathInfo r)
     ps <- params
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