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+Raven is a client for Sentry event server (<>).
+Start by initializing the raven 'Service':
+    l <- initRaven
+          "https://pub:priv@sentry.hostname.tld:8443/sentry/example_project"
+          id
+          sendRecord
+          stderrFallback
+Send events using 'register' function:
+    register l "" Debug "Hi there!" id
+More documentation is in the `System.Log.Raven` package.
+Dev. checklist
 Writing a Client
 A client at its core is simply a set of utilities for capturing various logging parameters. Given these parameters, it then builds a JSON payload which it will send to a Sentry server using some sort of authentication method.
   * [m] Logging integration (to whatever standard solution is available)
   * [ ] Non-blocking event submission
   * [m] Basic data sanitization (e.g. filtering out values that look like passwords)
+Client Criteria
+If you’re developing a client for your platform, there’s several things we highly encourage:
+  * It should fully implement the current version of the Sentry protocol.
+  * It should conform to the standard DSN configuration method.
+  * It should contain an acceptable level of documentation and tests.
+  * The client should be properly packaged, and named raven-<platform>.
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