Armin Rigo avatar Armin Rigo committed 882f8fd

Add a paragraph for optimizing shadowstack (as a better alternative to
an LLVM backend imho).

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 for our needs. It's possible that this has changed, reviving the LLVM backend
 (or writing new from scratch) for static compilation would be a good project.
+(On the other hand, just generating C code and using clang might be enough.
+The issue with that is the so-called "asmgcc GC root finder", which has tons
+of issues of this own.  In my opinion (arigo), it would be definitely a
+better project to try to optimize the alternative, the "shadowstack" GC root
+finder, which is nicely portable.  So far it gives a pypy that is around
+7% slower.)
 .. _`issue tracker`:
 .. _`mailing list`:
 .. _`jitviewer`:
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