What is monkeysay?

It is a joke program I've written as an exercise just to become familiar with bash script. It displays a monkey head which gives you some random quotes. It puts together the concepts of cowsay and fortune.

Example output

$ monkeysay
    |                                            |
    |  Manuals come out after all possible       |
    |  keystrokes fail.                          |

Help screen

$ monkeysay -h
Monkeysay - a monkey wiser than you are!

Usage: monkeysay [OPTION]... [MESSAGE]

  -h, --help            display this help and exit
  -V, --version         display version information and exit
  -c, --cowsay          use cowsay to display quotes
  -p, --pad=PAD         pad lines with PAD spaces (symmetric)
  -s, --shift=SHIFT     shift the bubble to the right by SHIFT characters
  -w, --wrap=WRAP       wrap lines at WRAP column (after shift)
  -t, --top=TOP         pad top margin with TOP lines
  -b, --bottom=BOT      pad bottom margin with BOT lines
  -a, --asis            display the quote as is: without pad, shift, wrap and decorations

If MESSAGE is omitted a random quote will be displayed.

Version infos

$ monkeysay -V
Monkeysay version: 1.0
Quotes database entries: 1827
e-mail: dr.dev.pub@gmail.com
web: http://bitbucket.org/drbb/monkeysay


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