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Full commit
1.1 - Changes made by Christian Bloch (
UBB code added and auto-select text on all code fields
support for spaces in filenames and capital extensions
included direct link encoding for subdirectories
(the > sign next to each folder gives you the link)
contributed a dark skin

1.0.2 - Fixed the display of swfs so that they display at the correct 
size, thanks to Jes˙s Cuadra ( )
who pointed out that getimagesize works on swf files.

1.0.1 - Changed # hrefs to javascript:voids to stop jumping of the page 
in long file listings.

1.0 - search feature added, sorting of file display based on prefs,
nicer semantic xhtml markup with a lot of help from David Elstob 
(, script triggers moved to namespaced JS class.
Basically it should now be secure, fast and useful.

0.9.5 - 27 June 2005
Security patch. Thanks to Sergi Meseguer ( for 
pointing it out!

0.9.4 - 05 June 2005
rewrote a lot of the Ajax stuff as it wasn't properly asynchronous before
added busy status (#busy and #overDiv classes in the css and busy.gif and 
busy_bg.gif added to the icons folder).