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Fix some subtile bug in the way the fab tasks should be written in order to be run by the worker.

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 from fabric.api import local
+ve_bin = 'fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin'
 def bootstrap():
     Install pip and the requirements described in the requirments.txt
-    local('. fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin/activate; easy_install pip')
-    local('. fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin/activate; pip install -r fabric_factory_sandbox/fabric_factory/requirements.txt')
+    local('%(ve_bin)s/python %(ve_bin)s/easy_install pip'
+          %{'ve_bin':ve_bin})
+    local('cd fabric_factory_sandbox/fabric_factory; ../../fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin/python ../../fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin/pip install -r requirements.txt' %{'ve_bin':ve_bin})
 def install_fabric_factory():
     Add a link from site-package to factory, worker, project 
-    local('. fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin/activate; python fabric_factory_sandbox/fabric_factory/setup.py develop')
+    local('cd fabric_factory_sandbox/fabric_factory; ../../%(ve_bin)s/python setup.py develop'
+          %{'ve_bin':ve_bin})
 def download_fabric_factory():
     Run the test suite for the Fabric Factory
-    local('. fabric_factory_sandbox/ve/bin/activate; python fabric_factory_sandbox/fabric_factory/src/project/manage.py test --settings=project.settings')
+    local('%(ve_bin)s/python fabric_factory_sandbox/fabric_factory/src/project/manage.py test --settings=project.settings' %{'ve_bin':ve_bin})
 def download_setup_and_test():