Hugo Lopes Tavares avatar Hugo Lopes Tavares committed 016d389

renamed from _is_file_url_scheme to _is_local_repository - it was misnamed

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     def _filter(self, line):
         return (logger.INFO, line)
-    def _is_file_url_scheme(self, repo):
+    def _is_local_repository(self, repo):
            posix absolute paths start with os.path.sep,
            win32 ones ones start with drive (like c:\\folder)


                       'parent branch: '):
                 if line.startswith(x):
                     repo = line.split(x)[1]
-                    if self._is_file_url_scheme(repo):
+                    if self._is_local_repository(repo):
                         return path_to_url2(repo)
                     return repo
         return None


         url = call_subprocess(
             [self.cmd, 'showconfig', 'paths.default'],
             show_stdout=False, cwd=location).strip()
-        if self._is_file_url_scheme(url):
+        if self._is_local_repository(url):
             url = path_to_url2(url)
         return url.strip()
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