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  • To install, change to the directory where is located and type (python-2.3 or later needed):

    python install

  • To learn how to use it, look at the examples under cherrypy/tutorial/ or go to for more info.

  • To run the regression tests, just go to the cherrypy/test/ directory and type:

    nosetests -s ./

    Or to run individual tests type:

    nosetests -s

Recent activity


dreampuf pushed 102 commits to dreampuf/CherryPy

f2a993b - Wrap the json encoder when is python3 regardless if is using simplejson
799f39c - Pass keyword args through ProfileAggregator's run method
9c825f9 - Simplified SSL_fileobject.recv().
4c694fa - Modified SSL_fileobject.recv() to ensure it never returns more bytes than it's been asked for. This should resolve issue #1068.
7cac23d - Add support to specify the algorithm name in lowercase (or mixedcase)

dreampuf pushed 2253 commits to dreampuf/CherryPy

cd8acbc - Bumped to 3.2.4 in preparation for next release.
6e52338 - Remove download URL from the metadata. Subsequent releases will use PyPI as the authoritative store.
1a9d748 - Remove unused variable
e26001b - Updated the release script to reflect new hosting on PyPI.
5612589 - Factor out dist_commands
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