CodernityDB / README

CodernityDB pure python, NoSQL, fast database

CodernityDB is opensource, pure Python (no 3rd party dependency), fast (really fast check Speed if you don't believe in words), multiplatform, schema-less, NoSQL_ database. It has optional support for HTTP server version (CodernityDB-HTTP-link_), and also Python client library (CodernityDB-PyClient-link_) that aims to be 100% compatible with embeded version.

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You can call it a more advanced key-value database. With multiple key-values indexes in the same engine. Also CodernityDB supports functions that are executed inside database.

Main documentation is located at

Key features

* Native Python database
* Multiple indexes
* Fast (more than 50 000 insert operations per second see Speed for details)
* Embeded mode (default) and Server (CodernityDB-HTTP-link_), with client library that aims to be 100% compatible with embeded one
* Easy way to implement custom Storage


Because CodernityDB is pure Python you need to perform standard installation for Python applications::

   pip install CodernityDB

or using easy_install::

   easy_install CodernityDB

or from sources::

   hg clone ssh://
   cd codernitydb
   python install

Contribute & Bugs & Requests

CodernityDB is one of projects developed and released by Codernity_, so you can contact us directly in any case.

Do you want to contribute? Great! Then just fork our repository `CodernityDB @ Bitbucket`_ and do a pull request. It can't be more easy!

To fill a bug please also use Bitbucket.


In case of any problems, feature request you can also contact us directly.

Do you want customized version of CodernityDB ? No problem, just contact us.

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.. _KnockoutJS:
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