Format Registry

This is a simple web frontend for serving up file format data.


The Format Registry requires Maven to build and run. Additionally, there are some artifacts not available in maven central. These have been provided in the deps/ subdirectory. The README in that folder contains instructions for isntalling them (and is itself an executable script).

JDK 7+ is required to build the Format Registry.

The Format Registry relies on PostgreSQL for storage and requires a properly configured database. Scripts to assist with this setup can be found in src/main/resources/*.sql.


Compile the system with

mvn clean install

Run the system with

mvn jetty:run

After the first run, you will need to populate the ~/.format_reg/ file with values appropriate to your system.

Running Automatically

You can automatically launch this in the background by adding a line like

(cd /var/www/formatreg; su -c "/usr/bin/mvn jetty:run" formatreg >> /var/log/formatreg/output.log 2>&1)

to the end of /etc/rc.local. For all I know this is an Ubuntu-specific solution, and obviously depends on the code being located at /var/www/formatreg, the log directory /var/log/formatreg existing, and both having appropriate permissions granted to a formatreg OS user. This may be better handled by a real system script, but this works for now.