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Django CMS Urgaplugins

A collection of plugins for django-cms.


  • cmsplugin_lightbox
  • gallerypicture
  • mouseoverpicture


This document assumes that you are familiar with Python and Django.

  1. Download and unzip the current release, unzip and put on your PYTHONPATH.


install using hg as shown below:

    $ hg clone

and make sure to put it on your PYTHONPATH


install using pip as shown below (put sudo in front if you're on debian based distro):

    $ pip install hg+

This will install it on your PYTHONPATH automatically. Another advantage of pip is the uninstall feature:

    $ pip uninstall django-cms-urgaplugins
  1. Add django_cms_urgaplugins.pluginname to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

  2. Set up the database tables using

    $ syncdb