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Stop using util.sort and util.set.

These are no longer present in the latest Mercurial repo, so just use
the standard Python (2.4+) versions.

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File hgext/

 def movedescendants(ui, repo, collapsed, tomove, movemap):
     'Moves the descendants of the source revisions to the collapsed revision'
-    for r in util.sort(tomove):
+    sorted_tomove = list(tomove)
+    sorted_tomove.sort()
+    for r in sorted_tomove:
         ui.debug(_('moving revision %r\n') % r)
         parents = [p.rev() for p in repo[r].parents()]
         if len(parents) == 1:
     'Return all revisions between first and last, inclusive'
     if first == last:
-        return util.set([first])
+        return set([first])
     elif last < first:
-        return util.set()
+        return set()
     parents = [p.rev() for p in repo[last].parents()]
     if not parents:
-        return util.set()
+        return set()
     result = inbetween(repo, first, parents[0])
     if len(parents) == 2: