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Using the string underline.ctl in an event structure freezes the frontpanel. After multiple clicks LabView FP freezes. Everything is back to normal if I minimize and max VI. -> LV2017SP1

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  1. Raph Schru

    First of all, thanks a lot James for making these nice controls ! Way better than the default ones !! 😀

    I also noticed this bug with LV2016 and LV2019.

    It was really hard to figure out because it is really precise.

    Steps to reproduce :

    1. Open a new VI
    2. Drop a Flatline “String box” or “String underline” on the front panel
    3. Run continuously the VI (or run it normally with an infinite loop in the diagram)
    4. Click precisely on the lower border of the string control
    5. There you have it !! LV is completely frozen !!
    6. To unfreeze LV, you need to give the focus to another application (eg the file explorer), then go back to LV.

    Hope this problem can get some attention !!

    I wouldn’t want to replace entirely the Flatline string controls with system string controls in all my projects 😕

  2. James Powell repo owner

    Minimal demonstration VI of the issue has been sent to NI. The issue is in Modern and Silver String controls, and is caused by an added decoration marked “Slave to Frame” so that it moves and resizes with the control. Flatline controls have an added line along teh bottom of teh frame box, so that Users can customise to the “underlined” look that looks better in form-style UIs. Workaround, if one doesn’t want the underline, is to just delete it. I am considering removing the underline from the box-style controls, but I don’t know what to do about the underline-style.

  3. James Powell repo owner

    To delete the (unused) underline, right-click on the control and select Advanced>>Customize…

    Then select the “tweezer” and delete the underline, then replace the control.

  4. James Powell repo owner

    Christina R at NI has solved the issue. Requires the “secret popup” option “NoTrackMask” to be True. This is ture by default if one adds an icon/decoration to a control, but when one picks “Slave to Frame”, which is needed to have the decoration resize with the control, it turns that option off. However, you can turn it on again and then the bug is fixed.

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