Should JSONText be for LabVIEW 2017 or later to access VIMs?

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Issue #9 resolved
James Powell repo owner created an issue

LabVIEW 2017 has VIM "Malleable" VIs. These would be great for simplifying the Variant to/from JSON VIs and may have other advantages, like allowing VIs inputs to accept arrays of values in addition to single values, and have the outputs adapt to arrays also. This is a pretty killer feature that could notably improve the API of JSONtext. The work project that I am starting to use JSONtext in has just upgraded to 2017 for other reasons, and it is possible that I will never have a pre-2017 app that I will use JSONtext in.

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  1. James Powell reporter

    I build VIMs in 2015, that work as regular Variant VI in 2015, but have adaptive outputs in 2017. BUT, the VIMs do not show up on the palettes when installed. The elimination of the "Variant-to-Data" primitives and associated wiring seems very valuable as a syntax, so I think I will go to 2017 (with option to backsave a 2015 version later).

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