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From Richard,

The timeout in the is too short. This has taken me a while to debug (notice the time!) but 3 seconds is not sufficient. It appears the "Get LabVIEW Version" method inside is responsible for the delayed reply. I had to increase the 3000 to 8000 to get a successful connection: image.png

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  1. James Powell repo owner

    Problem appears to be that I have added a negotiation of common LabVIEW version, needed for supporting different LabVIEW versions on each side. If this takes a long time (and can if the Connection started on the server side takes a long time to start), then it will use up the 3000 ms of extra time. This also assumes the actual TCP connection uses most of it’s “timeout ms”.

  2. James Powell repo owner

    I’m thinking of just not having a timeout here at all, and instead put a (long) timeout on the TCP read in the Version negotiation (followed by a meaningful error message if it fails).

  3. James Powell repo owner

    Default TCP Connection timeout is only 5 seconds, which is quite short, compared with the TCP primitive that uses 60 seconds!

  4. James Powell repo owner

    Increased default “Connection Timeout” to 15000 ms from 5000

    Changed the added timeout to +30000 ms (really, could have infinite timeout).

    for Version 1.11.2

  5. James Powell repo owner

    Note: TCP Server creation timeout is 10000 ms, which maybe should be higher (but not changing it).

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