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Antoine Chalons created an issue

as discussed on LAVA (

I’ve clone this repo and added a branch to add support for NI Linux RT, on Bitbucket I only have read access to this repo, would you be ok to let me push my branch to this repo?

This would allow you to save back to 2015 and then publisj on a new version with NI Linux Rt support.

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  1. James Powell repo owner

    What version of LabVIEW are you on? If I working on PQ again, I would do it at 2017 rather than 2015.

  2. James Powell repo owner

    Would you be willing to install and work in 2017? The client that paid for this work originally is still at 2017, so I can’t commit to working later (yet).

  3. Antoine Chalons reporter

    I won’t install 2017 on my work computeri just for this, I’ll have to create a specific VM to do that, so I’ll try to do this at the weekend, I’ll let you know.

  4. Antoine Chalons reporter

    I just dug up an old Win 7 VM with LV 2017 installed, so I can start this weekend 🙂

    Let me know how you wish to proceed (repo management, branches, code review, etc…)

  5. James Powell repo owner

    As I have no time to work on PQ, and have no project for it, I think I will let you have full access to the repo so you can run with it. What is your Bitbucket User Name so I can add you?

  6. Antoine Chalons reporter


    My Atlassian/Bitbucket account is antoine.chalons (at) zaphiro (.) ch

    You can also use it if you need to contact me privately.

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