createjs_ts_definitions /

Hello, here you can find the typescript definitions of createjs's libraries.

This is still in its early stage, so if you find something wrong (maybe some argument that should be optional) be sure to tell.

Typescript version: 0.8.0

EaselJS: 0.5.0 TweenJS: 0.3.0 SoundJS: 0.3.0 PreloadJS: 0.2.0


Just add at the beginning of the file:

/// <reference path="path/to/easeljs-0.5.0.d.ts" />


Some issues:

  • not sure about how to inherit from a createjs class (right now, I'm having a interface extend the class -- see the BitmapAnimation example)
  • properties that can have different types
  • methods that return different types
  • it doesn't seem to recognize the Image type