A 2d game engine, for simple browser games using the html canvas.


Link the game_engine.js file.

You can optionally use the style.css for some basic styling, but its not necessary for the engine to work. Just something to get you started, and then later on you can use your own styling.

All the css classes/ids from the engine start with the string Game-, so its easy to avoid conflicts (for example, .Game-Container).


Is available in


Uses gruntjs and typescript v1.6.

  • cd build - Move to the build directory.
  • npm install - Install the build dependencies.
  • grunt - Development build available in the /build/output/ directory.
  • grunt docs - Build the documentation, in the /build/documentation/ directory.
  • grunt release - Build the release version in the /release/<version>/ directory.


To try out the examples, start a local server at the root path (otherwise the preloading of assets won't work).

For example with python3: python -m http.server