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A hearts solitaire game written in typescript.

  • 4 players (west / east / north / south).
  • The human player is always in the south position.
  • Each player starts with 13 cards.
  • The objective is to get the least amount of points.
  • The game ends when one player has over 100 points.
  • Before each hand begins, each player chooses 3 cards and passes to other player.
    • first pass to left
    • second pass to right
    • third pass to front
    • repeat from the start
  • After selecting 3 cards, click on the arrow in the center.
  • The play order is clock-wise (for example: north, east, south, west).
  • Each player needs to follow the suit (play a card of the same suit as the lead card (last card played)).
  • If a player doesn't have a card of that suit, then he can play any other card.
  • You gain points by getting a card from the heart suits, or the queen of spades (so you want to avoid those!).
  • The player holding the 2 of clubs starts the first turn.
  • The player that wins the turn, gets to start the next turn.
  • No penalty card can be played on the first turn (hearts or queen of spades).
  • Hearts cannot be led until they have been 'broken'.
    • You can unlock the hearts when you don't have a card of the lead suit (for example someone plays clubs and you don't have any clubs).
    • Or if you only have hearts left in your hand (if you're starting the round).
  • Each heart card adds 1 point, and the queen of spades 13 points.
  • If one player takes all the penalty cards, he gets no points and all the other opponents take 26 points.
  • Right-clicking with the mouse, skips the move animation of the cards.


  • typescript: 1.8
  • jquery : 2.2
  • jqueryui : 1.11
    • dialog
    • button
    • smoothness theme
  • createjs
    • easeljs: 0.8
    • preloadjs: 0.6
    • tweenjs: 0.6