An irc bot that can count the rate that some words are being written in the chat. Also able to save some messages that can be brought back given the appropriate command.


Add a config.json file in the root directory, with this format.

    "username": "the_username",
    "password": "the_password",
    "server": "",
    "channels": [ "#one", "#two" ],
    "admins": [ "username" ],
    "random_message": true,
            { "word": "test", "command": "!test" }
    "commands": {
        "#channelName": {
            "!command": "response"

The commands can be added through the chat, with the !add command (or removed with the !remove command).


  • python -- If the config file is named config.json.
  • python specify_config_name.json -- To use a different one.


  • !top5 -- Top 5 words written in the channel.
  • !time -- The uptime of the bot (time the bot has been active).
  • !topic <the topic> -- Change the topic of the channel (requires moderator rights).
  • !help -- Prints a list off all the available commands in that channel.
  • !add <!command> <response> -- Add custom commands to that channel (requires moderator rights).
  • !remove <!command> -- Remove a previously added command (requires moderator rights).
  • There may be other custom commands added with the !add command, depends on each channel.


Uses python 2.7 and twisted.