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Easy to use drawing program, with different brushes to draw sketches.


  • 1st block: Pick the color (by the red/green/blue components).
  • 2nd/3rd block: Brush controls of the selected type.
  • 4th block: Select the brush type.
  • 5th block
    • save canvas: If what is currently drawn is saved for later or not.
    • erase: If it erases when drawing with a brush.
    • clear canvas: Clears the drawing.
    • export canvas: open a new tab with the current drawing (you can then right click on the image and save it to the computer).

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • `: Toggle the erase mode.
  • 1-5: Select the brush on that position.


  • jquery -- 3.2
  • jqueryui -- 1.12

    • slider
    • start theme
  • createjs

    • easeljs - 0.8