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Hi there, this is where the documentation for the program will be.

If you have any question/suggestion/whatever, please create an issue instead of editing this (unless its something related to the documentation itself -- missing parts or spelling errors for example).

Just a quick heads up about different units.

The ruler is accurate for pixels (since that's how its drawn), but for the remaining units, its not 100% accurate.

This happens since you sometimes need a line in between two pixels (which isn't possible, a pixel is the smallest unit possible).

To solve this, you have two solutions:

  • Let the program try to draw in the 'middle' (which basically means that it would draw a blurred line with 2 pixels width).
  • Choose one of the pixels, and have a single pixel width line, but that sometimes isn't on the right place.

I chose the second option, so if you look closer, you might notice some lines that aren't 'aligned'.

In the options window, there's a label that shows the distance from the origin of the ruler to where the mouse is. That's probably a better way to measure.


This program depends on gtkmm3, which is only available on linux for now.

When it makes its way to windows, I'll provide a way to install it there as-well.



You'll need to install automake and autoconf, to be able to compile the code.

This program also depends on gtkmm3, so you'll need both the library and the development files.


Download the code, open a console in that folder and write:

  • autoreconf --force --install
  • ./configure
  • make

It will be created an executable file (among other things) named screen_ruler, which you use to start the program.



keyboard shortcuts

Ruler window:

  • alt + ( o )ptions --> open the options window
  • alt + ( r )otate --> rotate the ruler window

Options/about window:

  • esc key --> closes the window