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Space Ship Game

A shooter type game, you can check it out here:



  • jquery
  • jqueryui
  • createJS
  • box2dweb

Game Modes

Start Game:

  • 10 predefined maps, with increasing difficulty.

Random Maps:

  • Generates the maps, with random enemy types.

Endless Mode:

  • just keeps adding enemies, that keep getting stronger as time passes.

Weapons Description


  • simple weapon, where one bullet can only hit one enemy.


  • the bullet goes through the enemies, until it reaches the end of the canvas (so it can potentially hit several enemies)


  • once it hits an enemy, it creates a splash damage around that area, that can hit the nearby enemies as well.


  • they don't move, but have a bigger splash damage.

The songs used can be found here:

Recent activity

Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira pushed 10 commits to drk4/space_ship_game

787c621 - - add 3 enemies at a time in EndlessMode
aeeaa54 - - fix, need to return from tick() functions when createjs.Ticker.setPaused() is set (it doesn't stop the .tick() from being called, just sets event.paused to true)
9450a4f - - increase the damage/velocity in the EndlessMode
eb2e8ab - - make sure all weapons have at least half of the maximum ammo in the beginning of a new level
d38258e - - be able to specify the damage/velocity of the enemies in the maps (so that we can increase the difficulty of the game)
Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira pushed 3 commits to drk4/space_ship_game

cfa6100 - - update jquery library
7d28b30 - - EndlessMode spawns all the enemy types (was only the EnemyKamikaze from testing the unit sometime ago)
cbfefb8 - - fix, not passing the event when selecting a main menu entry with the keyboard shortcuts
Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira pushed 7 commits to drk4/space_ship_game

f3a95bb - - change EndlessMode to a class, to be consistent with how the other modes are working (we make that assumption in the code)
d4da5e2 - - have PredefinedMaps inherit from Maps
007fa2b - - add a Maps class to work as base class for RandomMaps and PredefinedMaps (still only working on RandomMaps)
350fda5 - - move the code in maps.js to the predefined_maps.js
df7e7ef - - add a new entry to the main menu (random maps)
Pedro Ferreira

Pedro Ferreira pushed 2 commits to drk4/space_ship_game

9fe1d9e - - fix problem with game ending when there's still enemies in the map (had to do with multiple collision detection of the same collision, basically ...
e26957e - - since now it isn't possible for enemies to collide with its own bullets (or main ship with its own bullets as well), remove some ...
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