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Issue #2 resolved

Don't Save

Anonymous created an issue

Hey, It doesn't save. Do i have to do something to save?

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  1. crugerrr

    It doesn't save anything.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1 click button to open panel

    2 set tab's name

    3 (optional) do smthg, i.e. create another tab, add lists, tasks, task's details

    4 click outside panel to close it

    5 click button to open panel - it will be empty again

    Nor refresh, nor restart - nothing can help.

  2. Pedro Ferreira repo owner

    Ohh, you're right, it isn't working in the extension.

    The 'unload' event doesn't seem to be working on a chrome extension (should trigger when the popup is closed, I save stuff there).

    If I save manually it works ok. Its just that the event doesn't trigger. Don't know why.

    I'll try to see if I can fix this, but seems to be a chrome problem.

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