How to transfer data to a new computer

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Paul House
created an issue

What are the steps to transfer this local data to a new computer? Or to a different computer? What file do we need to get from Chrome?

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  1. Pedro Ferreira repo owner

    There isn't an "official" way to transfer data, but its doable with the developer tools.

    • In the application tab, open the developer tools (right click -> inspect element)
    • click the resources tab -> Local Storage -> select the application storage
    • you'll see three keys: "options", "stuff" and "times_up_info"
    • copy the values into a text file
    • open the application in the new computer (and remove all the elements on it if its not empty)
    • go to the same Local Storage tab in the developer tools
    • past the values into the appropriate key
    • click on "console" tab of the developer tools
    • write these 2 commands:; Load.LoadElements();
    • you should see the data you had before
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