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A few fixes

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         def write(file, string):
             string = string.replace('"','\\"') # prevent """"
             string = string.encode('utf8')
-            file.write(u'gettext("""%s""")\n' % string)
+            file.write('gettext("""%s""")\n' % string)
         root = os.path.join(self.path, self.root)


                 format += '%%(%s)s' % t.get_key()
                 params[t.get_key()] = t.get_raw()
-                format += t.get_raw()
+                format += t.get_raw().replace('%', '%%')
             inner_gettext += t.get_gettext()
         return format, params, remainder, inner_gettext
+.. _FAQ:
+Frequently Asked Questions
+Q: dbgettext strings are showing up in my ``.po`` files, but are not translated when displayed in my browser
+    A: Make sure you have:
+        - run ``compilemessages``
+	- restarted the server
+	- used ``gettext`` or ``trans`` to translate the strings in when accessed in your code or templates
+   FAQ
 	    return [self.href, self.content]
 	def get_key(self):
-	    return 'link:%s' % self.content
+	    return 'link:%s' % self.content  # should sanitize content first
     class TextOptions(Options):
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